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Elsche Korf has been a folk dance teacher in the Netherlands since 1973. She is a specialist in Dutch traditional dances and has been writing her own dances in the same tradition ever since. She took workshops in Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium and England. She has published a lot of books in Dutch, but has translated many of her dances into English for her international workshops. The possibility of sharing knowledge over the internet with dancers all over the world inspired her to start this website.

A selection was made from all her dances leaving out those with a specific copyright. Two tunes (Valsen til Christine and Henriks Mazurka) could be added with the kind permission of their writers Carl Erik Lundgaard Jensen and Henrik Holm.

Elsche owns an extensive library with books on Dutch costumes and traditional dances. In case you want to contact her use e-mail:


Carl Erik Lundgaard Jensen


Carl Erik Lundgaard Jensen is an outstanding musician on the diatonic and chromatic accordion, who lives in Denmark. He and his friends play traditional Danish dances, but also write new ones in their own traditional style. He has published books and CD’s. In case you are fascinated by his Valsen til Christine and want to get to know him and his music better, contact Carl Erik Lundgaard Jensen at


Henrik Holm


Henrik Holm is a Swede who came to the Netherlands as a student. He plays several instruments and is or has been a member of many Dutch folk bands. The most renowned of them being ’Waarschuwing voor de Scheepvaart’.




Elsche has published over the years many traditional and newly written dances in Dutch. Information can be obtained from Nevofoon. Recently two books were published in Dutch. One about the Cotillon in the Netherlands around 1850 and the second about the Warder Schots, a traditional Fair dance (see Publications). Information about books and CD can be obtained from the publisher (MW)2 (


Copyright 2001, Elsche Korf. 


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